The Birds & The Bees, Celebrant Services, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Birds & The Bees  Celebrant Services

Wondering how and who can create your Ceremony?

The Birds & The Bees  Celebrant Services

Wondering how and who can create your Ceremony?

With so much to see and do before your special day, allow me to create and choreograph your personal Ceremony


With so much to see and do before your special day, allow me to create and choreograph your personal Ceremony



So Let Me Tell You About The Birds & The Bees.....

The Birds & The Bees is my own creation based upon how similarly these two tiny creatures work on this planet.

They work tirelessly to achieve a very similar role-a bit like two people who are committing to their futures together.

Relationships take work and there is nothing more rewarding than looking back over the years at how you change and blossom throughout those years, just like nature itself.

I am a UK trained Celebrant and after many years of travelling this world with my Husband and Son, I decided to follow my dreams and officially set up The Birds & The Bees here in Dubai, U.A.E.

I love people! There is no getting away from the sheer indulgence of meeting people and hearing all about their stories and experiences and their unique take on life itself.

Having lived and worked in over 9 Countries myself, the diversity of cultures and beliefs that come together under that beautiful umbrella called Love has inspired me to follow my dream and help people create unique ceremonies for special occasions such as Wedding Celebrations, Vow Renewals, Commitment Ceremonies and Naming Ceremonies.

I am a true believer that there is someone for everyone out there and that Love itself needs cherished, nurtured and often put on hold when time and space is required.

Commitment is a powerful word - lets create powerful memories to go with the word by contacting me for a chat and see where we can go from there.

What is available to you


Wedding Ceremonies / Vow Renewals

'Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees. The Moon up above - and this thing called LOVE'...….Dean Martin

I believe you should have the Ceremony you want on your special day. Whether this is your Wedding Celebration Ceremony or you have decided to re-cement your love for each other with a Vow Renewal - let us chat about your hopes and ideas to make your dreams come true.

Wedding Ceremony

Once you have sealed your love for each other with the legal aspects to getting married you can turn your focus on how you wish to celebrate. Your style of ceremony is a precious opportunity to share with each other , your family and friends.

I would love the opportunity to create unique, personalized vows with you, reflecting what you mean to each other now and for your future. 

Maybe you would like to consider a meaningful symbolic element to the ceremony-lots of ideas to explore.

Vow Renewal / Re-Commitment of Rings Ceremony

Perhaps you feel that life and your relationship has changed over the years . Maybe you didn't have the wedding you really hoped for or you want to celebrate your love for each other with your children, friends or family that weren't around for your wedding.

A Vow Renewal Ceremony is a beautiful time for reflection and hope for the future and a perfect opportunity to re-cement your love and respect for each other. Maybe also a reason for a new dress and a Honeymoon!


Whether you decide to use a Wedding Planner to arrange your special day or you want to organize yourself - I can work with you to create the ceremony you both dream of for your special day. I would be happy to hold a space for you whether you decide to hold your ceremony in the grounds of your favourite hotel , your garden or perhaps the beautiful sand dunes of the desert ! Its your day - your choice. 

I am available to book in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and other destinations would be considered subject to availability ( UK/Portugual also )

No Obligation Enquiries

If you think I would 'Bee' the right Celebrant for you then we can meet up for a no obligation consultation.

Contact :Kerrie Low

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I'm holding a space just for you!

Love is an essential part to life itself - lets celebrate it !

The Birds & The Bees

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